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From the ISKA World Commissioner...

There’s a long way from your living room to the octagon. Or any ring, for that matter. What’s it take to get from one to the other?

Training. A lot of it.

And instructors you trust to help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to compete or just get in better shape.

ISKA World Commissioner Shihan Robert Heale Mason knows what it takes to make champions. And skills to help you live your best life. His decades of world traveling to historic fighting events gives him insights you won’t find outside of his dojo.

Until now.

What You'll Get From Virtual Training

Confidence. Flexibility. Strength. Endurance. Usable skills.

Stay moving from wherever you are

Our virtual sessions are hosted over Zoom, so you can access them anywhere with internet access.

Flexibility in scheduling

Classes are in the evenings (Eastern time zone). Want custom scheduling? We can work with you to set up special times.

Learn ring-tested skills

We teach the MuDoKai curriculum, based on MuGenDo, an internationally-recognized system designed for fighting effectiveness, as well as lifelong fitness.

The best time to start training was yesterday. The second best time is right now.